Our Story

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Founded in the summer of 2018, CÃNA is a unique blend of cachaça sourced from various regions of Brazil, each teeming with its own culture and traditions. Coming together in perfect synergy.

CÃNA exists to help you explore the true essence of Brazil. It is a conduit through which you will experience the elegance and sophistication of a nation filled with artists, musicians, philosophers, rebels, and lovers. Who’s vast history serves as the perfect stepping stone to usher in a new wave of self expression. To be as fluid as the rhythm of 1960’s Brazilian music, and as colorful as the streets of Rio de Janeiro.

We draw our inspiration from the artistic movements of the 20th century, translating their spirit to contemporary times. A timeless aesthetic which transitions into diversity.

A bit about our favorite drink

Cachaça, pronounced [KA•SHA•SA], is one of the oldest spirits in the world. It’s the drink shared by all Brazilians, from the cattle ranchers on the rolling hills of the countryside, to a hardworking office worker in downtown, to the party-goer in an underground club.

It is beloved by all, regardless of occupation or class. This spirit is the bridge that has brought different communities together since ancient times, allowing new friendships to blossom through a shared passion.

Cachaça shares its main ingredient with rum; sugar cane. However, unlike rum, which uses the black byproduct and leftovers of making sugar, cachaça uses fresh sugar cane juice. This juice is what gives cachaça its flavorful & elegant body.

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Note from the founders

A genunine experience

Our story started with two longtime friends, a designer and an entrepreneur, two lovers of cachaca. Set to the backdrop of a New York dinner (evening?) among friends (is it too repetitive). We found ourselves on the hunt for a bottle of our favorite spirit from home: Cachaça [pronounced ka•sha•sa].

What we found was lackluster, it didn’t capture the essence of Brazil the way we saw it. A Brazil that is genuine, full of richness, cultural movements, and diversity. We wanted a product we were proud to give to our friends. So we decided to make our own. This is how CÃNA was born.